Thursday, 14 February 2008

Short form to long form

Somegreybloke's v-logs are necessarily short, because (a) I want to make a lot of them and (b) I think there's a limit to how long an expressionless talking head can hold the viewer's attention. I could probably push them to six minutes - but then the lip syncing process would drive me to despair.

I've written some scripts for podcasts that probably run to seven or eight minutes, but I've yet to record them. When they're up, with any luck the good people of the internet will tell me whether they work or not.

The most interesting question for me right now is this: can somegreybloke work as a full length (25 minute) cartoon?

On his own, definitely not. But with the support of the other people in his world - his ex-wife, his friend Grant, Dane Geld, his favourite Japanese Cartoon series - I think he has a chance.

The biggest obstacle is whether an audience (and I'm thinking about a non-internet audience) will put up with such a socially-inept loner as the central character.


Louis said...

I certainly think that greybloke could get away with being a longer cartoon. In several of the cartoons you've had bit where you cut away from greybloke and show images or other bits of animation that either tell a story or illustrate what he's talking about (eg, the trick or treaters one, the christmas one, hate lovers, etc). This could be used and be fleshed out, to save from only looking at greybloke for 25 straight minutes, along with appearances of other characters.

Ning said...

and to add to that, the quality of the script.
Graham could appear in other places....