Sunday, 10 February 2008


YouTube is probably the best thing ever invented for anyone who wants to make short films. After cameras and computers, anyway.

Back in the dark ages (pre 2000 and whatever), if you made a short film the only way anyone would get to see it was if it was accepted into a film festival. If you were lucky, you might sell it to a TV channel, who would put it on at 2 in the morning for drunks to wonder at.

Now, you can make a short video and within minutes of uploading it, people can tell you it sucks. Or how much it makes them laugh. I've been fortunate with greybloke so far.

If you're producing a series, the feedback that commentators on YouTube provide is invaluable. If something doesn't work, or isn't as good as it was previously, or doesn't seem "true" - they tell you. The work, hopefully, improves as a result of reading the comments. True, "you suck" and "LOL" aren't particularly helpful (though the "LOL"s are gratifying), but now and again you read things that are.

And with greybloke, people send requests. "Can you talk about...." This, I love, because often it hasn't crossed my mind, and often it would lead to a funny monologue.

So thanks for all that, YouTube comment-leavers. Your input is appreciated.

There's more stuff to be said about YouTube, but I'll save it for another day. To read about YouTube's hilariously bad side, you can go here.

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