Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Scriptwriting continues

Finally got some feedback on the first draft of the pilot script. Main criticism was that the ending isn't strong enough, or funny enough.

Endings are hard.

It all has to change anyway, because I've decided that a character who was going to be a kind of guest should now be a main character who will appear in the rest of the series. And even though it's extremely unlikely that a series will ever happen, the character needs a better introduction if she's going to stick around.

I have a comedian in mind to play the part, so I'm waiting on a response from her before I rewrite the episode. It's always easier to write with a specific voice in mind.


LRC said...

Good luck with your series.

btw, what network/channel is the pilot gonna be on (I presume that it's a television series)?

Mike said...

I haven't approached any TV channels yet. First thing is to get the script right.

Luke said...

looking forward to the full lengther glad your diversifying the character pool

LesFleurs said...

Greybloke, where are you? :*} (little tear)