Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sound recording

I'm a complete amateur when it comes to voice recording, and my flat isn't in the quietest place in the world, so when I found this blog post about building an insulated microphone box, I was quite excited.

Turns out that acoustic foam is hard to find and extremely expensive. But I went out looking for the stuff I needed anyway, and instead found the padded cat kennel pictured here. Fifteen euros. Bargain, and it's covered in pictures of a cute anime rabbit with a sink plunger stuck to its head.

Microphone goes in the kennel. Kennel goes in the wardrobe. Performer sits in front of the wardrobe. It's not fantastic, but it probably filters out some of the noise from mopeds, police sirens, pavement arguments and other city centre street havoc.

I still have to wait until Noisy Man Upstairs has gone out before I do any recording. And the sound quality is still different in every episode, for some reason.


LesFleurs said...

Is there going to be a cat to live in it when you work on the script?

Mike said...

I live in a flat with no garden, so I don't think it's fair to get a cat. Unfortunately.

Sue W said...

lol...a cat house, now that's what I call creative!
Part of the charm of sgb's vids is that they appear to be actually recorded by a guy on his webcam.
Thanks for doing them - I nearly wet myself :-)

LesFleurs said...

That is Mike Booth.