Thursday, 6 March 2008

Wholly unexpected, Batman!

Somebody bought a t-shirt!

Presumably it wasn't the person who left a comment saying that this image was offensive. Unless they bought it just to burn.

Also, yesterday I got a message from somebody working for a television channel. It seems there's some interest in putting Grey Bloke into a "You, The Viewer, Give Your Opinion" type of slot on a current affairs program, which might be fun, if possibly a little weird. I watched a clip of the program they were talking about and the human v-logger commentators were very... earnest. I'm not sure how Grey Bloke would fit into that kind of format.


Nicholas said...

Not really a comment on this post, but could you add an RSS feed for the SomeGreyBloke blog? Oh, and a working comments section would be nice too.

Many thanks.

[Sorry to post it here, but I didn't want to send you an email about it.]

Mike said...

Hi Nicholas

I think there is an RSS feed on the other blog. In the box marked Links, left of screen, there's an orange RSS button that works for me.

I suppose it might have appeared after you mentioned this, as the blogserver is still under construction. I've passed on the message about the comments section.

LesFleurs said...

Good luck with television thing!

Luke said...

Congrats, TV ,oh aren't you moving up in the world.

Mike said...

Well, nothing's definite, so let's wait and see. These things have a habit of dangling themselves in front of you and then evaporating into thin air...