Sunday, 13 April 2008

A viral marketing scumbag shares his secrets

This man has a face that screams to be hit with a brick, but what he says about publicising videos is quite interesting.

The techniques he describes require a team of people prepared to spend all day lying through their teeth on blogs and forums in order to be effective, so unfortunately solo video producers who actually have to create "content" themselves aren't likely to have time.

Still, nice to know that someone is getting rich from online video, innit?


organicprankster said...

Interesting article. The extent to which this purportedly democratic platform can be manipulated is breath-taking. It seems genuinely spontaneous "viral" videos are exceptional, and that to get the really big hits you ordinarily need a marketing brain/team or the patronage of the editorial staff at whichever website is hosting your content. (I'm led to believe YouTube has a number of promotional tricks up its sleeves, aside from the more obvious ones.)
I suppose it is entirely understandable. There is such a huge volume of content, people don't have the time or inclination to sift through it all, particularly as so much of the stuff we stumble across is of such poor quality. But it makes me sad to think that there's probably people out there doing magnificent things few people will ever find because those people have neither the marketing nor the patronage behind them. Indeed, I wonder how many people find themselves languishing in complete obscurity and just give it up as a bad job.
I think I might try harder to find YouTube's hidden gems. If I can find the time, and if I can be bothered....

Mike said...

Hey organicprankster - I just wrote a really long response to your comment then had some log-in problems and lost it.

There's a lesson there somewhere. Is it possible to have multiple chunks of text copied to the clipboard, and then select the one you want to paste?

Anyway, damn.

organicprankster said...

Ah, well, I'll take your latest blog entry as a kind of response, as it's in the same area of discussion, and confirms much of what I've been thinking for some time - in that the traditional, offline routes remain the more efficient ways into the more viewed, more lucrative media, and online video is worth bugger all in cold, hard currency terms.
Still fun to play around with though. Creative freedom and blah blah blah. But, I can't hang around here all day I've got a short film and a TV pilot to write....