Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Off topic

Saw a guy in the street this morning wearing a t-shirt with "Guantanamo Bay, Camp Delta" on it.

There was no joke. No ironic statement. No political message. Just the name of a prison camp where people are being held without trial by a government that considers itself accountable to nobody.

This is where we're at now; tyranny marketed as casualwear. And people are buying it.


Brian said...

Holy crap - yet another reason for people to hate us Americans... I'm feeling a strong urge to move to the UK lately..

organicprankster said...

"My brother went to Guantanamo Bay and all I got was this lousy T-shirt"?

On a tangentially related topic, the other day on an Internet message board forum there was a discussion about the ethics of dropping the A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in respect of Japanese atrocities, particularly the Nanking Massacre.

One of the participants had never heard of the Nanking Massacre and was surprised to learn that some estimates put the death toll higher than the two A-bombings combined.

They were moved to draw a comparison: "It's like Stalin. He killed more Russians than Hitler," they said, "and nobody has heard of Stalin. At least not in my History class."

They didn't appear to be joking.

Mike said...

I took History till the age of 18 and we barely touched the 20th Century; World War I was on the syllabus, but as far as I remember there was no mention of Stalin when I was at school either. The authorities thought that the Corn Laws of 19th century England were a much more important topic.

I wonder what possible reason governments could have for leaving the study of dictatorships out of the curriculum?

organicprankster said...

Ah. We did the Russian Revolution and its consequences on the GCSE syllabus. We were Stalin'd up to our eyeballs. The teacher taught us by rote "Stalin killed more people than Hitler, Stalin killed more people than Hitler," while goose-stepping around the classroom in an SS uniform.

I thought everyone's school-days were like that.