Sunday, 3 August 2008

Blog failure

You may have noticed that the blog on -- the "in character" blog by Graham -- hasn't been updated since June.

Turns out it's really quite a lot of effort to write a regular blog in a different voice. Because not only do you have to think like the character, you also have to think up all the things that have been happening in his life so that he has something to write about. And keep it consistent. And have some sense of how the story is going to develop. And that's really hard work*, when you're trying to do all that in the proper scripts as well.

So it looks like that blog is defunct for now. Sorry if you were one of the thirty or so people for whom it provided brief distraction.

*It's not really hard work like being a miner or a doctor in a refugee camp is really hard work. But from the point of view of a terminally lazy dilettante writer who prefers computer games to nearly everything else, it's unappealing.


LesFleurs said...

I'm missing the blog. In fact, I'm missing it a lot. I think it's the best thing I read since Mark Twain.

Luke said...

I too am missing the blog, was always my favourite part of the somegreybloke empire, ever think that maybe you are trying to expand the concept too far? the whole greybloke concept that is

jhandt said...

me too. miss blog.