Friday, 15 August 2008

I went on holiday by mistake

In France, mainly, and also Spain. Best thing: swimming in a cold mountain river. Worst thing: already blanked from mind.

Swapped the too long tome about the Civil War for a book called "Bloody Foreigners", about immigration to Britain since prehistoric times. Turns out racists are idiots. Who knew?

Very good book, although I'm up to the nineteen sixties now and it's beginning to get a bit bleak.

In Grey Bloke world, work continues on the most involved episode so far, which is musical and involves about a thousand per cent more drawing than any previous chapter. And now I'm going to dabble a little in the pilot script and see if I can't up the funny.

On YouTube, I've been enjoying the rantings of gorilla199, a born-again David Icke-reading UFO conspiracy theorist who looks like he doesn't sleep much. One of his main obsessions is Alexandra Palace in London, which is simply plastered with satanic/alien/freemason symbols if you know what to look for (circles, basically).


Jeremiah said...

A musical on YouTube? Those never work.

Mike said...

You suck.

organicprankster said...

I can't possibly beat satanic symbols in the Ally Pally, but this guy has some fascinating (i.e., psychotic) ideas about Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." Apparently it's secretly about Mayan calendrics, The Apocalypse™, and all that malarkey. He's very convincing, right up until he starts typing:

Mike said...

Dammit, Organicprankster. I've just wasted an hour reading that blog. And I didn't even get to the Mayan calendar bit - but the observations about the timecode and the supposedly deliberate "continuity errors" are interesting.

I've always been sceptical when people talk about Kubrick's all-controlling genius, but if all those shots really are timed to the exact second it's pretty impressive. Though his motivation was more likely aesthetic than prophetic, I'd imagine.

Thank God for internet lunatics, sweating over the conspiracies so that we don't have to.