Tuesday, 16 September 2008

An old video

from back when his head used to move.

I'm putting it here because it's been removed from YouTube (after a year) for "terms of use violation".


enossified said...

Perhaps the movement of his head was the problem?

Peter Meldgaard said...

Well, I fancy having a wank. I should look up some of those pornographic images.

Peter Meldgaard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anti-gag said...

Dear Somegreybloke,

Mark Collett is not representative of the vast majority of BNP members. I thought his cockroach comment was stupid and offensive, but I also think people have the right to be both stupid and offensive. If I disagree with what a person says I challenge them to support their argument with facts. In Collett's cockroach case it was just a throw away comment and should have been treated with contempt and forgotten. I know Mark Collett personally and I have to say: I don't like him!

My support for Collett's right to free speech should not be seen as a support for his views. I'll be answering your other points, in full, later tonight in the comment section of an old story on my blog at:

"Lancaster blog"

That way neither of us are restricted by the 500 character rule or what ever it is on YouTube.

Keep well.
Chris Hill

I simply cannot get your YouTube site to accept this posting in full. Sorry.

The Famous Peter Richards said...

His head moving is annoying come to think of it.

Khyan said...

Did you get rid of this video so you could become a youtube partner?

molly said...

and i actually like him better now, w/out the head movement. good call on that.

Marona said...

I love your illustrations. Very sex positive. I can tell she's enjoying herself. :)