Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Shocking news from the Department Of Obvious

From a report on faith schools in The Independent:

"Professor David Canter, director of the Centre for Investigative Psychology at Liverpool University, said: "Faith schools are terribly dangerous. Setting up these divisions based on faith is the starting point for people thinking of themselves as separate, and identifying an 'out-group' that you are not part of."

Telling kids that they're favoured by God is bad, mmmkay?


Graham Murkett suddenly has 24 friend requests on Facebook. I'm now faced with a dilemma* - his current nine Facebook friends are all people that I know in actual real life, but the requests that are pouring in now are from YouTube fans - so do I add them, or not?

If I don't, I risk alienating people who like the work, and missing out on a potentially effective means of gaining attention - which was the whole reason for joining that hideous site in the first place. But if I add them, I risk being deluged by pokes and zombie hugs and invitations to install all manner of pointless time-wasting frippery.

This is undoubtedly the most difficult decision anyone has ever been faced with in human history.

*Didn't that used to be spelled "dilemna", or did I imagine that?


Jack said...

Thats what youtube friends system is for.

Leave them there, Fans just want to add you as a trophy to their friends list.
Which maybe good or bad, But you don't want 700 emails a day saying you have been super poked.

Think of yourself, I'm sure your real life friends wont mind though, they might be jealous even :)

Mike said...

Too late. I did it, and the super pokes are already rolling in.

Some of my new pretend friends are quite hot though - and now I get to look at their photos, so that's good.

srtgray said...

No. No, their photos are hot. Actually they all look just like Graham in real life, only with less personality.