Monday, 8 September 2008

YouTube recommendations

Couple of great finds this week.

First, Max Koch (who has kindly donated some voicework to the GreyBloke episode that is still so close to being finished, but not quite finished, that it's not even funny any more). Max does pitch perfect impressions of mainly tough guy actors/characters - Tony Soprano, Jack Nicholson, Pacino, DeNiro, Dexter, Gary Busey - plus various characters of his own. A very talented man; check him out.

And second, Sara Benincasa, who has recently started v-logging as Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Improvised satire at its best.

Also, the ChurchOfBlow guys have started a new channel in the name of Doctor Sigmund Freud. Only one video so far, but if you need a musical finger puppet fix it's the place to go.

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