Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Animation I don't remember doing

13 years ago I got my first animation job, at Aardman Animations in Bristol. It was a fairly small company back then, and most of the competent plasticene animators were working on a Wallace & Gromit film, so they trusted me with six episodes of Morph.

I think I got paid 200 pounds a week, which is about a million quid in today's money. I would have done the job for nothing though, as I grew up watching Morph and was thrilled to get the chance to make him move.

That thrill lasted for about a fortnight, until I realised how horribly fiddly it was to get the puppet to walk without toppling over (a lot of the time he's held up by fishing line), and that his body would melt under the lights.

Anyway, I recently found two of the episodes:


"Toll Bridge"


James said...

Nice work! a couple of years back I got a book on animation by aardman peeps, I made my own little morph after reading it and tried to animate him. I think I gave up after the first 100 or so frames and I cant believe I got that far. Nice work there.

Pod said...

I actually remember these from long ago. Awesome.

Also: Please tell me you made the elvis like noise at the start of short 5?