Saturday, 8 November 2008


I've been following various people's advice to look in places other than YouTube for entertaining short video stuff, and found a couple of things worth mentioning:

Web Therapy -- This is a comedy series starring Lisa Kudrow as an online psychiatrist. Beautifully written and acted, funny, and deliciously simple. The episodes are about six minutes long.

For some reason they're hosted on a site that has something to do with Lexus -- which I believe is a kind of car for people with lots of money -- but there doesn't seem to be any advertising. Beyond what I've just accidentally gone and done here, but then it's not like you can afford a Lexus anyway.

Fakespeare -- Nicely written and performed series of sketches from Paramount Comedy, in which the daily life of a chavsome couple is explored through blank verse and RSC-style acting.

Get Your War On -- Political cartoons in an interesting rotoscoped stylee. I'm not sure that they're doing the animation the way I think they're doing it, 'cos if they are it must take AGES.

Oh wait, I figured it out - they just drew a library of different moves and then reuse the same bits over and over again. Sweet.

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