Wednesday, 12 November 2008

War Babies

Prior to starting Some Grey Bloke, I worked on several cartoon ideas that were impossible to realise as solo projects. Too many characters, too much animation, or lack of vocal talent made them just too difficult to complete.

War Babies was one of them. It was conceived as an animated cartoon, and I wrote a half hour script for it, but then got sidetracked into putting it online as a webcomic. Iria Crespo (a link to whose blog is in the sidebar) drew most of it, and we put out chapters every fortnight or so during 2006.

It's something I'd like to revive, but as a series of short sketches. The only television person who ever read the outline and script described it as a "horrible concept", but I put that down to differing tastes; because what's horrible about retelling the Genesis story in a post-apocalyptic future using a cast of babies with guns?

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The Daily Crumb (Head writer and creator) said...

this proves that you are an amazing artist