Thursday, 29 January 2009


I was taken to lunch by a producer a couple of weeks ago; he wanted me to animate something for a promotional film.

"There's very little money," he said. "Hi, how are you?"

This is how all conversations with producers begin. No producer has ever said to someone they were hoping to employ: "We've got all the cash we need for this job. It's ridiculous! We literally don't know how we're going to spend it. How much of it do you want?"

Or, if a producer ever has said that, they're probably not a producer any more.

"I'm not worried about the money," I said. "I've already got a job. But I'm only doing this one for you if it doesn't turn into a chaotic, disorganised nightmare." Because I've done animation jobs in Spain before, and they always turn into chaotic, disorganised nightmares.

"This one won't," he said. "Trust me."

On Tuesday we arranged a meeting for this morning (Thursday) at 10.30 am, in his office on a very distant edge of the city. I arrived twenty minutes' late. Apologised to the people who were there. Asked where the producer was.

"He hasn't come in yet."

A quick phone call, and the admission that he'd totally forgotten about our meeting, was in another part of town having a meeting with somebody far more important, and could I hang around for an hour?

I couldn't.

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Ray said...

talk about a slap! in the face