Tuesday, 13 January 2009

More on the radio thing

I got feedback on the script today from the Famous Comedian for whom I've written the main role. Generally positive, though he did point out a breath-takingly obvious similarity between my story and a much-loved and highly successful radio series from years and years ago. So breath-takingly obvious that I should really have noticed while I was writing it -- but I got so carried away by the cleverness of my plotting that it passed me by.

He's also advised me to remove much of the torture and beheading that happens in the current script, reasoning that a Radio 4 comedy audience may be turned off by such content. And again, I can't argue with that.

So, the second draft will be very different from the first. This time I may actually work out the story before I fill up thirty pages with words.

Oh, and I did write something for Grey Bloke to say today, as well. Haven't totally forgotten him.


Jeremiah said...

I imagine it'd be very difficult to do something that's both funny and science fiction without being compared to a certain much-loved and highly successful radio series, etc, and yet radio is the perfect medium for it, for reasons you've already stated. It's usually funnier to imagine these things. Consider, for instance, the film adaptation of a certain much-loved and highly successful radio series, etc etc.

Mike said...

It is going to be difficult to avoid comparisons; but I shouldn't have had a planet being destroyed in the first episode.

Weird thing is that until I finished writing the first episode, HitchHiker's never crossed my mind. I was more worried that I may have been imitating aspects of Blackadder.

organicprankster said...

I have recently discovered that attempting to write a family-orientated time travel-based sci-fi show, designed with one eye on the "Doctor Who" Saturday tea-time slot, inevitably produces a script that is remarkably similar in pace, tone and style to, er, "Doctor Who." What a shocker! And when I say remarkably similar I do mean potentially actionable.

Similarly, I hadn't actually been thinking about "Doctor Who," but was worried I might be sailing uncomfortably close to the wind with the hip, Anglicised "Buffyspeak."

Still, I may have to lose that police box in the second draft...