Tuesday, 3 March 2009


The video I made about Facebook is doing pleasing business: 50,000 views in a week. And it's suddenly appeared here on Buzzfeed, with a nice badge saying "Most Shared" and a charming "LOL" sticker.

Still not "Viral" yet, though. Boo.


Jeremiah said...

A few people have contacted Bernard's facebook to let him know he's in your video. I thought about responding with "That bastard! I'll ruin him!"

The same thing happened when I set-up sock puppet accounts to appear as "extras" in YouTube Is My Life.

rewboss said...

Well, I shared that video on my Facebook page, and everybody said how sadly true it was and shared it with all their friends...

Similarly, I recently (and quite coincidentally) made a satirical video about Twitter. Insight tells me most hits on it from outside YouTube come from Twitter.

At least self-irony is not dead.