Tuesday, 5 May 2009

100 minutes

Just added up all the Some Grey Bloke episodes I've made so far, and the total duration is over an hour and a half. Which is the length of a feature film.

Admittedly it'd be a pretty dull feature film, considering it's just a talking head and the occasional cutaway.Though still more entertaining than The International.

I've been thinking about cleaning up all the earlier episodes - changing the backgrounds and adding shadows, fixing the sound, generally improving the artwork and editing, and maybe putting together a DVD for sale. But the question is, would enough people buy a DVD to make it worth the time and expense it would take to put together?

Most likely answer: not now that they've seen all the material for free online.

I suck at business.


JulianG said...

I think you should do it anyway. Or get an intern to do it for you.

If you want to sell it you can add some extra content, or some interactive content like a game or something. You know, something.

A DVD compilation of Some Grey Bloke it's something that's worth doing for its own sake.

Rictor said...

I might buy one, if it includes a lot of entertaining bonus content.

James said...

I reckon you have enough fans willing to buy a DVD even if everything has been seen before to make it worth making a DVD.

Mark said...

don't go all george lucas on us

Mike said...

No? I think Greybloke would be improved by loads and loads and loads of spaceships whizzing past in the background.

rewboss said...

Yes, definitely bonus content. Outtakes, previously unpublished videos, and of course, a Making Of.

One way to keep costs down and minimize your risk is to distribute not physical DVDs, but image files which people can download to burn their own DVDs. You could include PDF files of artwork for the inlay. You could then charge a very small fee, and maybe donate some of the proceeds to Oxfam.

The risk, though, is the non-existent copy protection. And you'll always get someone who can't work out how to burn an image file to a DVD.

organicprankster said...

Don't createspace.com and lulu.com both offer on-demand DVD services? It's not something I've needed to explore but the tabs are there on the websites (and I assume - perhaps incorrectly - that as with their paper-based services there's no outlay.)

Mike said...

I looked into that, organicprankster. Might be worth a go to see what happens, though the sites would end up with a vulture's percentage of the sale price.

John said...

I know what you do is a lot of hard work, but if you have the time to spend on doing a feature length film of some grey bloke, i have no doubts that it would sell. I know it is becoming more and more well known and i for one am gonna do my share of spreading the word.

Thanks for the entertainment. The net would be much less interesting without Graham Murkett.