Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I can haz job with Nashunal Geografik?

In a totally selfless bid to reboot the economy I handed over some cash for a brand new Canon EOS 1000D digital SLR, and then took this picture with it.

Silly stop motion animations now added to production list.

And, ho yus! Somegreybloke has moved up to 5th place in the "YouTube UK> Most Subscribed Channels > Comedians" list, with close to 25,500 subscribers.


MrDooom said...

That's the camera I'm planning on getting, so good choice :). How is it?

Congratulations on reaching 5th place :)

LesFleurs said...

That is some scary beast - hornet?

Mike said...

It does look like a hornet, doesn't it? I thought it was just a fat wasp, because I didn't know hornets did pollen collecting.

The EOS1000 has made me very happy so far MrDooom. I also bought a Tamron 55-200 zoom lens which isn't so great at focusing on faraway things; but the 18-55 kit lens that you can get with the camera is fine.