Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Some Grey Bloke mentioned in national newspaper shock!

In November last year, in fact. Somehow I managed to miss this:

Daily Telegraph's "Top 10 You Tube celebrities".

Graham is number 9:

""Graham" might be one of the finds of the year on YouTube. Dreamt up by a British animator operating from Spain, SomeGreyBloke is YouTube's only animated vlogger: he comments on other people's videos, relates stories sparked off by online discussions and vents his spleen in the same way as "live" vloggers. With more than 12,000 subscribers and videos topping 1,000,000 views, Graham is a cult hit."

I'm trying to work out where the author got the idea that I'm in Spain. Apart from that, all good.

More please, journos.


Furtheron said...

don't knock it... consider an MPs response... they'd claim a load of expenses for the Spain apartment and argue that they didn't have to pay some form of UK tax as they were Spanish citizens somehow.... ;-)

Mr ShoePie said...

Haha, congrats to Grahamn. I'd like to see him on BBC Points West next.

Jeremiah said...

That's truly awesome. Congratulations!

You should be higher on the list.

rewboss said...

Didn't you originally set Spain as your location on your profile page? And in some of your videos, you do credit somebody with a very Spanish-sounding name.

ZedWord said...

I just discovered your videos, so you can count me as another subscriber!