Thursday, 23 July 2009

Don't give up the day job

Things that are going on, or not:

War Babies - short scene in animation stage. Haven't touched it in over a fortnight, but it remains on each day's To Do List.

Graham Murkett's Previous Lives "Pharaoh" - finally have all the dialogue recorded; work continues on background props etc. Sound edit and animatic to be done this week.

State Of The Art - a guy was supposed to be doing an animatic for this. Haven't heard from him in months.

Radio sitcom - outline last seen sitting in a BBC producer's inbox.

Next YouTube SGB episodes - in various stages of scripting/casting.

Some Grey Bloke sitcom - kaput for now.

New sitcom idea - rolling round in head, to be paper-set in August.

When I put it down like this, I look quite busy...


Khyan said...

Have you pitched the Some Grey Bloke sitcom to anyone, or is it just an idea?

Mike said...

It was pitched to the BBC and Channel 4. No interest.

rewboss said...

My wife keeps asking me when I'm going to be rich and famous enough so we can both give up our day jobs. I keep telling her I'm working on it, but every time I start trying to write a script, I get frog-marched off to mow the lawn or unblock a sink.

Khyan said...

How would it work as a sitcom? Do you have an agent that can negotiate any cross atlantic contacts?

Mike said...

It needs to be set in Britain; but I will look into American co-production at some point.