Thursday, 20 August 2009

A tiny shuffling step forward

My radio sitcom pilot script finally got read by a producer with some very impressive credits to his name, who apparently said Really Nice Things about my abilities as a writer. Though to be fair, he didn't say them to me but to the Famous Comedian who passed the script on to him.

When I told my Dad, his immediate reaction was to ask "Are you sure the Famous Comedian isn't just pretending that the producer said Really Nice Things? You know, so you don't feel bad?"

Ah, nothing like a bit of paternal support.


James said...

yeowch... Here's hoping the producer did say nice things

Mike said...

Hey James! Yeah, I think he did, because Famous Comedian isn't often concerned about my feelings.

Good to meet you whenever it was. Sorry if I was a bit all over the place - not accustomed to so many people...