Sunday, 22 November 2009

Writing for the BBC

Three weeks ago my Comedy Sketch-Writing Partner submitted several of our collaborative efforts to a well-known BBC sketch show -- and the producer liked some of them enough to ask us to rewrite them. So we have a deadline, suddenly, and it's tomorrow.

I think what happens next is that if the producer likes the rewrites, our sketches get performed by the cast in front of an audience; then I guess they're either discarded completely (if nobody laughs), or we rewrite them again to make the less funny bits funnier, or they just go forward as they are to be included in the shooting script.

It's all very exciting, and at some point in the far distant future some money might even change hands.


Jeremiah said...

Fingers crossed.

Very exciting!

rewboss said...

Well? Tomorrow is yesterday. Did you meet the deadline, or are you enrolled in the Douglas Adams School of Scriptwriting?

Khyan said...

Nice one. Does your writing partner ever help with Graham? How long you been working with him?

Mike Booth said...

We made the deadline. Don't think we can get away with Douglas Adams type behaviour at this stage.

Been working together since August - and all thanks to Jeremiah.

Thanks Jeremiah.

Jeremiah said...

No problem!

Glad I could help.