Thursday, 21 January 2010

I feel sullied

Someone using the YouTube channel name "Buzzinator99" and signing herself "Jenny" just sent me the following email:
Hows it going? We were scoping out your YouTube channel and wanted to hit you up and let you know that Ford is recruiting a new crop of Fiesta Agents for Chapter 2 of the Fiesta Movement. We think you would be a great addition to the program so we wanted to provide you with some additional information. Take a gander and let me know if this is something you may be interested in participating in.
Check out all the groovy hipster-speak, daddio! They didn't look at my channel, they "scoped it out"! And now they're "hitting me up" with some kind of sweet information! What can they possibly want?
As you may know for Chapter 1 of the Fiesta Movement, Ford gave (100) socially vibrant individuals a Ford Fiesta for 7 months to complete missions and create cool content online to share with their online following.
I did not know that! In fact, I had never heard the term "Fiesta Movement" until just now. Which suggests that either a) I'm totally out of touch with what's going down on the internets, or b) that the "Fiesta Movement" advertising campaign hasn't achieved the kind of saturation Ford were hoping for.

But I am flattered by the implication that I'm a "socially vibrant individual". They must have really scoped out my videos good to come to that conclusion.
From March-June, this next group of Agent teams will be implementing Fords marketing/advertising campaign. Ford will provide the media channels (think billboards, pop-up retail space, graffiti wall, etc) and connect the Agents with local creative talent to bring their ideas to life but the creative direction/freedom for how Ford should be marketing the product features of the Fiesta is entirely up to the Agents.
So Ford are putting their new marketing/advertising campaign in the hands of amateurs they find on YouTube? That's awfully daring of them, especially if they're giving complete creative freedom to their "Agents".

And hey, wow! Don't advertising agencies usually charge simply zillions of moneys for their services? Does this mean that Ford are going to hand over the entire budget they would have given to Bartle Saatchi Gogarty to people like me? Awesome!
In return for their efforts, teams will be provided with a Fiesta (gas and insurance) as well as technology/design equipment to assist with the design process for each challenge pretty sweet deal!

Oh, I see. No money, but a new car. Well, I guess a new car isn't too bad. Even if it is a Ford Fiesta. I could always sell it.

Wait, what's this bit on their website?

Your team will have access to an all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta for the duration of the program (with gas and insurance) and a shot at winning a brand new Fiesta for yourself and your teammate.
Ah. So I get to borrow a car. Which I can use while I create their advertising campaign for them. And then I have to give it back.

Pretty sweet deal indeed. Guess I'd better write them a reply.

Dear Jenny at Buzzinator99,

Which bit of my YouTube channel was it that gave you the impression I was a whore? I'd like to know so that I can rectify the situation.




Alan Laing said...

that sir is utter genius,
I never saw that coming.
Perfect length, perfect timing. Then Bam right in the kisser...

Sir Thom said...

OlgaKay was in last year's campaign actually. You could borrow it and then do crash test videos.

Fat Roland said...

A 'Fiesta movement' sounds like the consequences of catching food poisoning at a party in Spain.

Furtheron said...

I feel disappointed that I didn't receive this offer. Clearly I'm not a "socially vibrant individual", which to be fair wouldn't entirely be an accurate description of me.

Khyan said...

Did you actually send your reply? I like you all the more for it if you did.

Four Dinners said...

I have no idea who you fact, without Further On I may never have found you.

You are a good egg. Actually I'm quite jealous. I never get offered a free car....even to borrow. Where I come from a free car is one you've nicked.

I will be back.

This may be a worry.

If it is...blame Further On....

Mike Booth said...

I did send the reply. She acted quite hurt.

JohnJayJay said...

Plus they really need to be aware the term 'Fiesta Movement' sounds like what happens after you eat bad Mexican food.

Upon further reading it appears Fat Roland beat me to the punch. Ok, how about this:

'Fiesta Movement' also sounds like a social revolution that really doesn't take itself too seriously. "Yeah, we were going to overthrow the government, but we got too drunk the night before at karaoke..."

Mike Booth said...

I find it quite offensive that they've taken the word "movement" - which traditionally describes a heartfelt, genuine effort by a group of people to achieve something meaningful - and have applied it to a campaign to sell cars.

But then I'm prejudiced against marketing scum from the get go, so tend to be disgusted by everything they do or say.