Friday, 5 February 2010

An email that might lead to a meeting

Someone with the power to make stuff happen (ie sign cheques) has decided that he likes some of my work* enough to discuss doing something with it.

How exciting is that?

Yeah, it's not very exciting at all. But in the interests of recording every false raising of hope that one encounters when trying to actually get paid for writing funny things, I'm obliged to mention it.

*It's actually "our work", because the project in question involves Comedy Sketch Writing Partner as well. But that was difficult to get across in the first sentence without changing the structure, and I'd already decided I liked the structure, so there.

Someone called me a "grammar wanker" yesterday. Can you believe it?


Four Dinners said...

How do you wank to grammar?

Inquiring minds want to know...;-)

Jeremiah said...

I'm optimistic.

rewboss said...

True story, although related more to semantics than grammar:

The first time my (German) future wife ever travelled to Britain, it was to meet my parents. Her English is actually very good, but as anyone who's ever learned a foreign language knows, it's amazingly easy to fall prey to the dreaded "false friend", a word that looks the same in the other language, but has a completely different meaning.

And so it was that my then girlfriend, chatting happily to her in-laws-to-be, uttered the following sentence:

"I saw a hedgehog wanking in the garage."

("Wanken" is German for "stagger" or "sway from side to side".)

Four Dinners said...

Any news old bean?