Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Three weeks into a three minute sketch

I gotta get organisized.

See, when you work for a professional animation studio there are different people in charge of different things. Someone designs the characters. Someone else designs the backgrounds. Maybe someone else else creates the props. There's an editor assembling the sequence of shots as you work. And all these people are excellent at what they do, because they have time to specialisize, and the animator can focus entirely on the animation (and may even have an assistant to do the heavy lifting).

I'm trying to do all of the above; and frankly, I rather suck at some of it. Backgrounds have never been my strong point. I don't have a good sense of colour. I'm very bad at making up my mind. As a consequence I keep changing things, and having to go back to retweak stuff that in theory is already finished.

What I'm trying to say is that progress is slow. Which it always is, but with this one there's a deadline.

Hopefully when it's all done I'll be able to post a few snapshots of the changes on here, to remind myself of what not to do if there's ever a next time.


KK said...

Hello Mike. Congrats on your new job. Good luck. I am sure you'll do great there. Just wondering if your somegreybloke email is still not working. I can try fixing it. Pls email me at sometime.

Four Dinners said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished product old bean. Jog on then! Chop chop!