Friday, 23 April 2010

Video delivery tedium

I finished the animation of the Mitchell & Webb sketch at the end of March and spent the next two weeks trying to get the file to them. You'd think that would have been the easiest part. You'd think that the BBC, being a huge corporation dedicated solely to the creation and distribution of audiovisual material, would have some system in place whereby they could receive digital files from off-site agencies without much fuss. A special BBC server, or something.

They asked me to send the file via YouSendIt.

Turns out YouSendIt is not entirely reliable. After a couple of days watching the video failing to upload, we gave up on that. I sent the file on DVD instead. Via the mail.

When it arrived, something was wrong with it. Corrupted. Unplayable. I'm not sure how the postal service managed to mess up a DVD*, but anyway. The BBC still had nothing from me that they could use.

So I went back to the computer, and - (and this is the whole point of this entry) - discovered an application called "Dropbox", that allows you to drag and drop files from your PC into some virtual server space somewhere, that you can then access from another PC.

You get 2 gigabytes of space for free. And if you follow this link:

and install the software yourself, they give you and me 250 extra megabytes each.

I would like those extra megabytes. They would be useful.

As far as I can tell, the software is reliable and virus-free and good if you ever need to send big stuff to people (or access files from another computer when you're in, I don't know, northern France or somewhere). So give a thought to trying it out.

Via that link above.

I assume the BBC eventually received the video (thanks to Dropbox!!) and are happy with it. But I don't know for sure because I've heard nothing from them.

*Okay, that was my fault. My DVD burner doesn't work so I did the burning at an internet cafe and didn't check that the file worked before sending it.

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James said...

I really love dropbox, great for collaboration! ;)