Sunday, 23 May 2010

Things I'm currently doing, since you didn't ask

1) Being ill. Twelve days of congested sinuses, clamminess and fever. Also wisdom tooth pain. Yay.

2) Reworking the radio sitcom that the Beeb refused to read and turning it into a cartoon. Currently in character design stage with a bit of scriptwriting (in collaboration with Comedy Sketch Writing partner).

3) Finishing a Grey Bloke episode that was written back in January. Hoping to have it finished today.

4) Chipping away at the Previous Lives Pharaoh episode. (James, I haven't forgotten I'm supposed to be sending you that file.)

5) Making notes for a live action sitcom idea, in collaboration with a friend. First serious writing date this Friday.

6) Writing material for long form Grey Bloke podcasts.

7) Contemplating moving house and sorting out accounts and tax and vicious, suicide-inducing stuff like that.

8) Playing Empire Total War & Battlefield Bad Company 2 in lieu of acting on (7).

9) Waiting for various celebrities to get round to reading/recording bits for Grey Bloke that they said they'd be happy to do but have since forgotten about, and wondering how long I should leave it until I poke them again.

10) Missing my girlfriend.


LesFleurs said...

Congratulations for moving the house.

=8)-DX said...

10) Missing my girlfriend.

Sigh. Strange you placed that last. Glad you've got that far, not me I'm still on:

1) Missing my wife.
2) Seeing my daughter.
3) All the other shit just mixes up together in a foggy jumble of nonsense.

Hope you're better and .. don't be so grey! Great YT channel btw.

rewboss said...

Ah, life. Somehow manages to get in the way of living.

Basically, don't talk to me about taxes, self-assembly garden furniture, getting up at 5am, fuses, invoices, marking, and trying to work out whether or not I like the new Doctor Who theme tune arrangement.

And if I may just back up a bit, why do they call it "self-assembly" when I have to do the assembling?