Thursday, 24 June 2010

BBC cartoon update

The Mitchell & Webb cartoon I animated back in March is now online.

I don't think the BBC will mind me posting a couple of earlier character designs here:

This last one was the first version I drew of God. They decided to go for something more traditional.


Captain Karanga said...

I guess Boz (who seems to be named Zak in the pic above) was based on Robert Webb's appearance. Am I right? I love Mitchell & Webb and your stuff so this short was certainly a treat for me.

Mike Booth said...

I didn't consciously base the characters on the actors. There was a lot of fiddling about with face shapes and mouth sizes and they just sort of ended up as they did.

It was the producer who suggested swapping the looks of Zac and Boz after they'd recorded the voices (because I think during the design stage they hadn't yet done the recording).

Mike Booth said...

Oh, I remember now -- when I was designing the characters I didn't even know which actor was playing which part.

Captain Karanga said...
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