Thursday, 3 June 2010

New video on YouTube

I put up a video about Twitter last night. This is the accompanying blog post in which I explain the joke for people who think Graham is serious.


1) The premise of the video is that you can use Twitter to send messages to celebrities, who will then ignore you. The implication is that celebrities are rude and that people who message them are pathetic.

But this is not always true. Celebrities will sometimes (even often) reply to their fans, and if they don't it's probably not due to rudeness, but due to THIS

being what the Twitter feed of a celebrity looks like.

2) In the video, I showed some supposed Tweets tweeted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. These weren't taken from his Twitter account but were (I thought) genuine Arnie quotes from interviews and speeches over the years.

At least one of them turns out not to be genuine, according to a YouTube commenter. My fault for not checking thoroughly enough.

3) The Dalai Lama genuinely does have a Twitter feed. Sample tweet: "Damn Blackberry is playing up and have lost a load of messages. Can't believe I reincarnated for this!"

4) The letter to Olivia Newton-John is based on something I dimly remember writing when I was nine or ten; I really did write to her fan club expressing my undying love. She did not write back.

EDIT June 18

Phil Jupitus sent the video to Stephen Fry, who shared it with his fans. A single tweet from Stephen Fry apparently translates into twenty thousand YouTube views at current exchange rates.

EDIT June 24

The video is being tweeted by American celebs now, most prominently Alyssa Milano.
(I had to Google her. She's an actress.)


Anonymous said...


Mike Booth said...

I don't know who you are or what you're saying but you're really annoying.

And please nobody click that link.

Phruit Limited said...

According to 'Google Translate' it's simplified Chinese and it says, "Friendship, real friends will not hang on in the mouth". Probably gibberish, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm missing some deep Confucianist truth here...

Mike Booth said...

Or an advert for blowjob porn.

Phruit Limited said...
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Kernc said...

these are not real celebrities themselves using Twitter, instead it's usually their PR representatives, etc.
just so you know if you didn't already. :P

Johnny Walker said...

Thanks for this blog post. Oddly enough I enjoyed it almost as much as the video (which I enjoyed a lot). Thanks for posting both of them!

Anonymous said...

Just watched your video as suggested by Stephen Fry, so you are getting noticed. Good stuff. Am going to add you to my blogroll.


ruiqi said...

It's in Traditional Chinese btw, and it generally states that real friends will do more than merely claim they are friends i.e. actions speak louder than words.

(Pardon the rather weak translation; it's not something that can be literally translated)

daniellekoorevaar said...

you have to be kidding me not to know Alyssa, she's a great actress!

Anyway, I liked the video and the blog :)

Okse said...

hey 韋于倫成 or should I say "Mum" thanks for putting up those Kind words for Mike.

See you next week

Your loving son



I am not fat

Jolene, DT Consultant said...

Wow. Alyssa Milano tweeted u? Nice! You must see her work LOL You'll love Poison Ivy 2. Youtube it.

Alex said...

i love you, some grey bloke.

Devine said...

hahaha love the last Edit

"(I had to Google her. She's an actress.)"