Monday, 10 January 2011

Too sexy for YouTube

I was informed yesterday that the very first Grey Bloke video has been flagged and removed for Violating Community Guidelines -- so I guess they've got a bit more serious about policing those in the three and a half years since the video was uploaded. Or perhaps the guidelines have changed. Anyway, it's here now.

Also yesterday, the Graham Murkett as Pharaoh video went up. In the comments section a vicious and abuse-filled argument is now raging on who built the pyramids and how, with the odd anti-semite chipping in to toss epithets at other users. Ah, comedy.


Yorkshireminer said...

perfect character for the dead pan delivery love the voice perfect for the character plus the timing is perfect as well what gives it the edge is the semi surrealistic script.
From one animator to another. You seem to have used a background with just two drawings of the body for the body. and three seperate layers of drawings for the eyes eyebrows and mouth. perhaps 50 drawing all told perfect minimalistic animation. Question what program do you use for composition I find Director suits me best.

Deep regards

Yorkshire Miner

Mike Booth said...

I use After Effects. There are actually three head layers - Eyes Open, Eyes Half Closed, Eyes Closed - a pupil layer, two eyebrows and the mouth.

Sue W said...

Thanks for rescuing the video!
I'd seen it a long time ago. Brilliant. I love the Pharoah vid also.
As for YouTube's policy...whatever can they mean? You had clearly spilled a bottle of gum all over your computer...sticky, but hardly a cause for banning. I suppose they want to prevent copycat events - the danger of impressionable children being stuck to keyboards all over the known world would be hard to bear.
Anyway keep up the great work.

David B said...

Graham Murkett reminds me very much of a guy posting on my discussion board, FUBG.

I wonder if he is adopting that persona to troll? Seems unlikely, yet....

David B (is a little intoxicated)

Palang Latif, veganswines said...

That's real annoying that this video has been removed. It was one of my favorites, plus it's of anthropological value :o)