Tuesday, 15 March 2011

FAQ to the SGB

What happened to your videos Baby Photos and What You Can Find On The Internet?
YouTube took them down, I guess because somebody flagged them as inappropriate. You can find them here and here.

What software do you use to animate Some Grey Bloke?

The characters are drawn in Adobe Flash, and I use Magpie Pro and After Effects to do the lip sync, eye movements and blinks. I've used 3D programs like Blender to make some of the backgrounds. You can find blog posts relating to animation here.

I've also been trying out Anime Studio Pro, which is a less expensive alternative to Flash, though quite different in terms of use. Blog posts about that can be found here.

How long does it take to animate a minute of Grey Bloke talking?

I could probably do a minute in about three hours, but the process is so very tedious that I can only focus on it in short bursts so it usually takes several days.

Why don't you just use an automated lip sync program?

Because most of them don't work properly. If something like this were cheaper I'd give it a go.

Why don't you make more videos?

Because I'm lazy and I hate animating.

But I subscribed to your channel and I want more frequent uploads!
I saw Jessica Alba in a movie and I want to go to bed with her.

I guess we all just have to learn to live with disappointment.

Why is the sound on some of your videos so bad?
Because I suck.

Why is Graham's voice different in some of the videos?
Because I suck.

I've written a script for a Grey Bloke video. Will you make it please?

Sorry, no.

I want some animation done and I don't have any money but lots of people will see it and it will be great exposure for you. Will you do it?

Sorry, no.

I notice that you are confused about God's plan for the salvation of his creation. Can we engage in correspondence so I can explain my view of Christianity (which is the correct view of Christianity, not like all those fake wrong views people keep sending you)?

Sorry, no.

But I really want to. I get Jesus Nectar points for every soul I save.

I'm happy for you but still not interested.

Why do you make fun of people's religious beliefs?

Because those beliefs are ridiculous.

Why do you make fun of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

Because all historical/mythological figures are fair game for comedy. And if one of those figures is idolised by people who will actually kill to defend his name, then making fun of him becomes "edgy".

But isn't it a bit easy and comedically hacky to keep mocking religion?

Yes it is, and I really would like to stop. But then some pope or imam says something stupid and oops, I'm off again.

What do you think of Ray William Johnson?

I cannot stand him.

Is that really a frequently asked question or did you just want to say that you hate him?

Yeah, I probably shouldn't leave that in. It's not him I hate exactly, but the persona he affects and the fact that his success is built on replaying other people's uploads while he makes banal comments. But then his videos aren't aimed at me, and I'm just jealous really.

Are you Banksy?


Nick said...

You're quite right about Ray William Johnson, he's a cnut of the first order.

I'd never heard of him before, so I googled him, took a look at his tube channel and forced myself to watch the first 60 seconds of his latest 5 minute snooze-fest.

That's a precious minute of my life I will never get back.


LesFleurs said...

Where are these good times, when somegreybloke video was every 2 weeks?

Mike Booth said...

Those times are 2007-2009. I hope 2012 will be more like those days.

Distorteddogma said...

You can hope, but life has a way of realizing that you would rather be at your desk and throws everything it can at you to distract you, pull you away, or just shut you down.

My problem is that I started chasing the next big sparkly and was always learning something new. Still am, but it's hard to sit and work the software you know (2D) when there is so much new to learn (3D).

Trying to put myself back in the groove. Portion a time for each and all the other stuff.
Be Well.

irina said...

"Those times are 2007-2009. I hope 2012 will be more like those days."
- Or maybe when you get really old, retire and have plenty of time for animating.
Cant wait for you to age! oh wait... ill be an old bitter woman then, too.))

Tom said...

You really fancy Jessica Alba? I think she looks like she's part fish or something. Not that there's anything wrong with that, de gustibus non est disputandum, but she wouldn't be my first choice.

Mike Booth said...

I've always had a thing for mermaids.

Matt Barker said...

Have you managed to monetize any of your web based exploits yet?

Tom said...

Mer-love eh, well that’s cool. I find myself more attracted to Salma Hayek, though lately when I consider were this fantasy to come true, assuming my heart did not explode, my wife would certainly kill me resulting in her incarceration and our children going into foster care thus precipitating a cycle of delinquency and dysfunction pushing the social order to collapse, culminating in the zombie apocalypse and the end of life on earth, I sometimes question whether it would be worth it. It’s hell getting old.

Callum said...

Why grey bloke got yellow teeth? They reinforce American stereotypes of the British.

Mike Booth said...

Matt -

A meagre trickle of money comes in from the adverts YouTube puts on my videos, and the adwords ads on the website somehow generate a tiny bit too.

Mike Booth said...

Callum -

The colour of Graham's teeth is explained in the video "My Teeth".

bigjohn75602 said...

How did you choose Jessica Alba as your true love when there are many other incredibly beautiful young women out there?

Mike Booth said...

She's not really my true love. I am captivated by the hotness of many thousands of women who are too young and far away to be accessible.

Anonymous said...

you really suck, and take privileges. I was about to like you until saw some of your religion mocking videos. You've got talent and good sense of humor but I wish you could use them in a more productive way!!!!

Quasi-Logical Dave said...

I've noticed you've got talent and a good sense of humour. How do you deal with the pressure to be more productive, for example, by people like ANJUM who obviously want you to make a feature film?

Mike Booth said...

ANJUM has inspired me to start work on a much longer project called "Why Everything You Believe Is Wrong", dedicated solely to the mocking of religion, with nothing else getting in the way. Thanks ANJUM.

erikas said...

Hy Mike
My question is: what do you thing about "online gamer" youtube clips? waiting your answer :)

erikas said...

Hy Mike
My question is: what do you thing about "online gamer" youtube clips? waiting your answer :)

Imperfectly Perfect said...

Hi Mike, I was simply wondering if you were ever part in any religion at any given time. I promise I'm not a mad religious fanatic, simply a curious agnostic.
Thank you for your videos and have a nice day :)

TLS said...

I noticed it's been awhile since you had a post on here, so umm, you know. Wanted to give you encouragement and all... Sooo, yeah... anyway... Umm... Still watching you and your funny... Umm... Yeah, I don't really have an out or anything... So I'll just leave it there.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'?

Asimov said...

Hi Mike,

So far my favourite video is the Pharoah one, I loved it.

I see you have tried Blender. I think you will have an easier time with 3ds Max. I found blender hard to get on with. I love animation, but I find I am getting held back with lip syncing. Tried the demo of magpie, but got a little stuck.