Friday, 8 July 2011

Sometimes I get spam

I got this "personal message" on YouTube yesterday:
somegreybloke First a quick Announcement

The days of relying on a newsletters, business cards, or voicemail to promote your business are over.

Thank Goodness, that was just too much work for too little results.
Horrible grammar aside - YES! Promoting my business with newsletters, business cards and voicemail WAS just too much work, and I'm glad those days are over.

Wait, I don't have a business...? Anyway:
Introducing the Improved way to promote your business, automated push button simple Video Messages to Mobile devices or Email!

It's easy and eye popping results are guaranteed.

Now you can magically automate your marketing message and deliver a series of engaging, interesting, informative and memorable video messages to virtually every prospect or potential referral partner you meet, automatically.
That sounds good. I would like to pop the eyes out of potential referral partners. And it uses magic! Tell me more.
Just imagine how far ahead of your competition you'll be when you follow-up with your clients, leads, or potential partners, within minutes of your meeting right to their mobile phone or email and all you did was push a button?
Okay, so I'm imagining that. I meet somebody - maybe at one of those businessy-type conventions I'm always attending, or in the airport Hilton bar when I have an unexpected layover, or on a snowboarding weekend - and within minutes of meeting this person I SPAM THEIR MOBILE PHONE WITH AN UNSOLICITED VIDEO MESSAGE. How could they not be thrilled?
And how much more powerful will your marketing be when you automatically send out engaging follow up video messages, to everyone you have contacted, on a regular schedule that you control. And all you did was set it up once? Thank Goodness, truly automated follow-ups are finally here.
You mean I can keep spamming them forever without doing anything? That will definitely definitely make them want to buy whatever it is I'm selling.

Thank you Internet Marketing People. Sorry I can't remember the name of your company or I'd promote it here.

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Distorteddogma said...

I still have to keep my fax machine unplugged to keep out the constant bombardment of ads. my email is filtered three times before it gets to my computer. My home and office phones reject calls from phones with blocked numbers. Now they are after my cell phone? on my minutes?

Sure, why should I not pay the minutes it takes to download your advertizing drivel and fill my memory card with ad after ad. after all you routers seem to think that I'm made of money. The rates on everything are going up all the while you cut my pay.

And then you wonder why sales are down....

What was I talking about?
Be Well.