Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ten questions for chemtrail believers

A while back I made a video talking about chemtrails, assuming that their purpose was population control. The YouTube comments section quickly filled up with people putting me straight, because apparently there are different theories about why They are spraying us with stuff.

One theory is that the poisons in chemtrails aren't supposed to kill us outright, but are designed to create health problems so that we'll have to give more money to Big Pharma. Another theory is that chemtrails are a form of weather control, designed to counteract climate change, and any health issues we experience are simply a side effect.

All that aside, I have a few questions about the chemtrail menace that I would really like answered, so I'm going to leave them here. I understand that, given the Top Secret nature of the program, chemtrail observers won't have access to completely acccurate data to answer these questions, but estimates will suffice.

1) On any given day, how many chemtrail spraying aircraft are active worldwide?

2) Are the aircraft involved a) normal commercial airliners carrying passengers (but with slight modifications to allow spraying), or b) specially-equipped planes whose only purpose is chemtrail delivery?

3) Are the pilots of the aircraft aware of/complicit with the chemtrail spraying program? Are the various air traffic control agencies aware or involved?

4) How many people are involved with delivering the chemicals to the planes, filling the tanks etc (again, rough estimate is fine)? Are these people aware of the purpose of the program?

5) How do the people involved in the spraying program protect themselves and their families from the chemicals that are being sprayed?

6) How much does the spraying program cost? How is it funded?

7) Since the program is international, how many people in each participating national government are involved?

8) How is the program co-ordinated internationally? Is there a central planning committee or is it more of a franchise?

9) If a person were interested in becoming an active participant in the spraying program, for money or just for fun, who would they contact?

10) Which other conspiracies are real,  and which ones are simply conspiracy theories put out by Them as disinformation?

Please answer honestly. Thank you for your time.


Frank Conrad said...

No, Graham. Conspiracies do not exist. Reality consists of what you can see 20 feet in front of your face and nothing else. The people who own the TV stations you watch and the newspapers you read have absolutely no agenda other than to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The rich don't care if they keep their fortunes and they never meet with each other to discuss ways of keeping their power and influence intact. Nor would they ever even dream of expanding upon the influence they already have. That would just be greedy, which is something we know rich people are not.

Also, I would like to add that every law ever passed by the government exists only because they truly love you.

Mike Booth said...

That's not an answer to any of the questions I asked.

Robin said...

Smh @ Frank..
Another thing I've been told is the Chemtrails are for deflection of harmful sun rays caused by global warming.
I can't imagine getting any really true answers to this, personally. But these are some excellent questions!

manic depressive said...

well on the days following the twin tower attacks on 11/9 the temperature did massively increase, and there was almost 0% cloud cover which is where the theory that stopping or reducing air travel will actually increase the speed at which earth is affected by green house gasses. im pretty sure it was in an episode of Horizon.

The thinking is thaat the white marks which criss cross the sky reflect the suns rays before theyve reached us reducing temperature, given that there is an insane amount of cover from the aviation industry and satellite images do show the white lines this does kind of seem vaguely possible. but i dont know if the idea wsa properly researched before somebody at the BBC got distracted by child porn

Roman said...

1) 42
2) both, also: blimps
3) Even the mentally retarded know abou it, so obviously pilots would know.
5) Wet towels
6) Money is of no object to the illuminati!
7) divide the number of party members by the number of the beast, then multiply it by jesus.
8)See #6
10)Everything is true; Nothing is permitted.

PS: If you are really looking for honest answers, you are polling the wrong choir. I suggest you try your luck at bodybuilding.com

Ted8367 said...

Some aircraft dump fuel to get the weight down prior to landing. I lived near Heathrow many years ago and I remember, more than once, seeing grey, dirty-looking con trails that started directly from the wings (the real con trails were white and started a distance behind the wings). Ever seen a top-dressing plane in action? Looks something like that. The idea in top dressing is that the stuff falls to the ground and fertilizes it or similar. Wikipedia claims, and no doubt the airlines agree, that "the fuel will dissipate before reaching the ground". (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_dumping). Remarkably, the top dressing doesn't dissipate, because, oh, reasons.

So my conspiracy theory is that it's cheaper to convince the public that believing that bad stuff is being dropped from aircraft is laughable, than it is to find a proper solution to the problem. Seems to be working.

Meanwhile, laugh on, Mr Bloke.

Mike Booth said...

Ted, you seem to be conflating two very different things. Assuming top dressing is similar to crop dusting, I guess it would involve a small plane spraying a localised area from low altitude.

Fuel dumping is done when a plane has to land unexpectedly. I can't see what sense it would make to have airliners regularly jettison fuel, and I really can't see how airlines would help themselves by manufacturing a chemtrail conspiracy, which I think is what you're suggesting?

"The public" in general aren't convinced that bad stuff is being dropped from planes. But I like how you've added a new layer of conspiracy to explain the conspiracy some people believe in, and thus neatly deflected the questions I asked.


Invisible said...

@Ted8367 and @Mike Booth

I think there was some talk about it long time ago on:

- "ABC RN Science Show": http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/scienceshow/
- "Triple J's Dr. Karl": http://www.abc.net.au/science/drkarl/scienceontriplej/

but it's pretty known fact. Long range flights, mostly trans-oceanic flights take enough fuel for worst conditions. That said, plains in favorable conditions find and use strong air currents. Upon arrival to the destination, for safety reasons, they can, and sometimes do, dump excess fuel.

Unless there is emergency you won't see that on short flights.

P.S. Oh, here's quick chat about it too:

Ted8367 said...

Thanks for the links, Invisible. It seems that the consensus is that fuel dumping does occur sometimes. My comparison to top dressing (crop dusting) was to point out that the stuff can be expected to actually reach the ground. Over the decades, it must build up; and, over the decades, health concerns over environmental pollution have also built up. Claims might be made. Forward thinking airlines might want to head them off.

How could they do that? Maybe a publicity campaign to convince you that aviation fuel is good for you. Or maybe a more subtle approach: make it look like any such suggestion must come from nutters. And who wants to look like a nutter? I'm sure Mr Murkett doesn't.

Mike Booth said...

I'm not really bothered about looking like a nutter, but the idea that I may be thinking like a nutter worries me.

Thanks for the clarification Ted, I understand now. That is a way more plausible conspiracy theory than actual chemtrail theories, and even harder to disprove.

I still prefer the simplest explanation: a few paranoid people with time on their hands started obsessing over contrails, and then the internet happened and they could share their "observations" with others. That plus time brings us to where we are now.

Invisible said...


I understand you're concerned about health, and thin layer of fuel can't be good for you any more than other pollutants we breathe in or eat day by day without thinking about it (e.g. cars exhausts, pesticides on fruit and vegetables, conservatives in canned food and so on).

That said, studies can be made, but depending on the height of plain during fuel dump, that layer of chemicals can be stretched and dumped many miles away from the actual airport. Your analogy to crop dusting falls apart here: if the plain isn't very close to the ground, it dusts neighbors fields for free, and intended fields get nothing. Also plain dumping cannot be done willy-nilly, I presume there is protocol for requesting that procedure.

If you are really concerned that something illegal is going on, I'd recommend that you learn quite a bit about fuel dumping, its composition, meteorological influences and give your findings to someone in charge, or even agricultural university which could confirm your findings and raise public awareness about it. Otherwise it's just talk in the wind, sorry the pun :o)

@Mike Booth

I don't think you're a nutter, but asking conspiracy theorists to give you data kind of borders with it :o)

I've noticed conspiracy theorists are way beyond clueless about the stuff they talk about. If they knew how to think critically they would found more flaws in their theories than in science. Bullshit detection kit [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epw9ZVO_-Cc ] is beyond their capabilities to understand, but instead they use strawman fallacy [ http://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/strawman ] or ad-hominem fallacy [ http://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ad-hominem ] (like the first commenter).

Given that you want to educate people, albeit through humor, you might find "Debunking Myths" [ http://www.skepticalscience.com/docs/Debunking_Handbook.pdf ] useful. If you thread carefully you might educate or provoke thinking in some people, but I don't think you'll ever understand or convert hard core conspiracy theorists.

Sorry for the long reply...

Sean Hawkes said...

To answer your question in purely conspiracy theory terms:
1. Over any area that is not intended to be populated under Agenda 21.
2. These are the same drone aircraft that were used to take down the world trade centres, and the pentagon. They were produced at the same factory that made all the bombs that were placed throughout the building for the controlled demolition of the twin towers and building 7.
3. Being drones, there are no pilots to be concerned about, and the illuminati conspiracy runs all the air towers around the world. They use The Delphi technique as mind control, as well as Jedi mind tricks, to confuse their workers to believe that these are normal commercial airlines.
4. No people are involved in the logistics of the program. They are all a super race of reptilians.
5. Oddly enough, the same poison being used for the chemtrails, is exactly the same ingredients used to make a lovely salad dressing on the reptiles home planet. So this is of no issue.
6. The cost is immaterial. The fed just creates the money they need out of thin air. Ron Paul knows all about the program and strongly objects. He demands they bring gold from their home planet to buy any future chemicals.
7. All of them. They are all reptiles who are from the same family going back to the Egyptian pharaohs. There have been some humans involved. The question that gives you the answer is "What's 7 x 6?"
9. The Kenyan born reptilian overlord. Just send him a tweet.
10. An extremely good question. You can distinguish the real conspiracies from the fake ones, by identifying how many times the speaker uses the secret sign of the devil. This sign is used when discussing real new world order business. Also, right after a real message, you can usually see the reptile sending a tweet via smartphone. All reptiles use iPhones incidentally. I used to think this signal was hang loose, or bullshit. But apparently anytime any world leader holds his hand up with any gesture, and he isn't flipping someone the bird, it is actually a satanic symbol.

I hope this helps. Careful purchasing your shinola hat. Most conspiracy theorists you would buy one from have a hard time differentiating shinola from a far more disgusting substance.

Sucahyo said...

2. Spray can be done with unmodified jet with altered fuel.
4. Can be done without anyone know
6. The spray is cheap. Funded with carbon tax / credit money.
10. Global warming is fake. Spray done to fake global warming and extreme weather.

Narutikas said...

Dear Bloke. Imagine a sandbox. Imagine an ant. Imagine you're 5. This is all mine. So. Imagine backwards. This is all mine. I'm 75. You are all ants. In my sandbox.

Your Leader In Innovation~ Kevin M. Glasgow PT. said...

I have a theory that you may not like. Years back I read a book by Dean Koontz. I forget the title but it was about this rain of silver mist that came down suddenly in downpours that covered a large area. After the rain stopped ...things unlike anything seen before began to grow over the trees and rocks and homes. This became the newly customised habitat for invading aliens who had scouted for and found a new place to call home. ...what if....just what if?

HardDeterminist said...

You are irredeemably retarded. Please either lobotomize yourself or take up a heroin/barbituate/weed/benzo+MDMA habit - either way you'll be a lot happier.

gail zawacki said...

Great questions, and I loved your video!

Many people believe there are chemtrails because they have noticed that trees are dying, and leaves are damaged, and they can't imagine why that is occurring all over the world. Very few people know that the background level of tropospheric ozone, a phytotoxic air pollutant, is increasing even in remote areas, and even fewer know that it is extremely poisonous to vegetation. Unfortunately, when it is pointed out to them, they uniformly prefer to believe in an absurd conspiracy theory and blame someone else rather than look towards their own cars, air travel, and electricity use as the source.

This is really too bad, because without trees, humanity itself is at risk of extinction, as so many species are dependent upon them for habitat, food, rain, and oxygen.

A short video here:


Jacky Heijmans said...


It has been some time since you asked, so maybe you already have this.

This is the facebook link to a company spraying the skies.


You can also google ICA Chemtrails

Now they have hired people to convince you what they are doing is awesome, to protect us.
Some call them Trolls.

Have a great time!