Thursday, 17 January 2013

An Open Letter To Toby Young

cc Julie Burchill, Allison Pearson, Suzanne Moore, Richard Littlejohn, Nick Cohen, Jan Moir & Peter Hitchens (sorry if I missed anyone, please forward).

Dear Mr Young

I write in praise of your courageous decision to re-publish Julie Burchill's so-called "controversial" attack on transgendered people. As you said, the Observer's decision to censor Ms Burchill was a disgrace, and it is good to know there are men such as yourself willing to stand firm against The Politically Correct Brigade. As you also wrote: "It cannot be said often enough that freedom of speech, if it means anything, must include the freedom to say things that some people find offensive."

How true -- and for too long Britain's newspaper columnists have been denied that freedom. Why, it is almost impossible these days to read an article attacking homosexuals or immigrants or Muslims or the unemployed or single mothers or women in general - and now it seems that the brave journalists of Fleet Street must cower in the face of a new enemy: the fearsome Trans Lobby. A monstrous cabal of highly influential "people" with the power to literally cut off the livlihood of anyone who "offends" them.

Where will it end? Today, you are not allowed to call transsexuals "a bunch of bed-wetters in bad wigs" (unless you have a friend who has a blog at the Telegraph who will host your article after it has been taken down). Tomorrow, perhaps you will not be allowed to say anything at all! As your colleague Richard Littlejohn likes to point out: "You couldn't make it up!"

This is, at heart, an issue of freedom of speech. No matter how much the Screaming Mimis may claim it's more about the danger of legitimising hatred against vulnerable minorities, you and I and Jan Moir know that what's really at stake is the right of journalists to pour scorn on people they despise.

And so we come to my proposal. Mister Young, you are a valiant man, and a man of integrity. You have shown this in your championing of Ms Burchill, and I feel sure you are a man who has said on more than one occasion "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it (and also publish it on my blog)". And so I ask you this:

Will you please publish my article that I have wrote about The Jews? Specifically it is about how The Jews use the black man and the brown man and the homosexual to try to tear down our once great nation, and if anyone tries to expose their malevolent plot they have him silenced. I have spent a great deal of time coming up with some phrases to describe The Jews (and their familiars), and I think some of the funny combinations of words I have achieved will amuse you.

Of course my article will "offend" the do-gooders and the moaning minnies and the professionally outraged, and the Zionists will accuse you and me of anti-semitism and they'll be right but that shouldn't matter. All that matters is freedom of speech, which of course means the freedom to publish exactly whatever you want in a national newspaper.

My only other option to get my words out to the masses will be to start a thread on Stormfront (or any one of the many other American-hosted hate sites the internet permits to thirve), but before doing that I wanted to give you the chance to support me. As I support you, mein fuhrer.

Yours in comradeship (and shared hatred of The Jew?)

Carlos Spenkenhauser Shitforbrains III


Zoecb said...

Love it.

organicprankster said...

It's a curious, self-serving argument, isn't it? I see Suzanne Moore has tried another in the Guardian today. Apparently, 'equality' is now in opposition to 'freedom' - by which she seems to mean that people arguing for equality are somehow infringing on Moore's right to be opposed to it.

It's just a bizarrely thoughtless variation on the old 'I am entitled to my opinion' line. Yes, yes, you are. We all are. But never without challenge or consequence.