Thursday, 3 October 2013

The lion, the lock and the Thunderf00t - Part 9

Welcome back, and thanks for sticking with this for so long. 

The next two paragraphs are almost probably more disturbing than anything Thunderf00t has said so far (so there's a warning). I'm not sure why he thought it was a good idea to say this, or what he's trying to communicate - but what he does tell us is almost probably not something that he was intending to. It starts with a repeat admonishment not to confuse teh poor menz with body language they may misread, and ends up...

Well. You'll see.
Be clear and above all be honest with your body language and this will probably reduce the chances of you ending up in situations where there have been miscommunications. Look, I'm an honest, honest guy, to the point where if someone's going to see my body naked, I usually have little in problem letting them see my MIND naked as well. And many under such circumstances reciprocate the gesture.
Seems to me that after many intimate conversations, that about one girl in three has had a traumatic sexual experience that has had a disproportionate effect on how they deal with subsequent relationships. And to be honest, I feel for their deep, and long-term mental scars, and just how much more beautiful I could be had they not been so damaged.
I listened to that last part five times while transcribing it, convinced that he couldn't possibly have said what I think I heard him say. There's just a chance that in the last sentence he says "how much more beautiful they could be" - but if so some audio glitch has interfered.

Either way: what the very fuck?
But to be honest, reducing this problem to something as simple as saying "Women should bear no responsibility for their own safety and should under no circumstances be aware of the situations that are likely to lead them into these situations where they will acquire these mental scars, things like date rape", is counter-productive.
It really is as stupid as saying "Yeah, don't teach me to lock my doors, teach them not to steal." It's just so stupid, it's not productive.
Here's a depressing fact: Thunderf00t's video has been watched over 62,000 times, and the people who have bothered to vote have voted it up. This sloppy, garbled, mess of misogynistic shit, full of redundant analogies and entire paragraphs that don't even make sense, is being applauded.
There is an optimum line here. Somewhere between assuming all men are rapists and should never be trusted under any circumstances, and 100% trusting every man that you meet to absolutely respect your personal desires.
Every time I hear such stories, it's clear that some, if not many of these traumatic instances, could've been avoided, if many of these young girls hmmm nn mmm  [inaudible] simple heads up about risk minimilisation, about predator avoidance and so on.
I would like to see Phil Mason address a hall full of female military personnel using the transcript of this video as a lecture. Can anyone set that up?
Things that the Rape Crisis Centre of England And Wales don't even seem to think was worth mentioning.
Because the Rape Crisis Centre is there to help people who have been raped. After the fact. And the people who write its literature - like many other people who don't struggle with basic empathy - don't believe "Well, what you SHOULD have done..." is helpful.
Yanno, it's kind of like reading up about mountain lions before heading into an environment where you know there are such predators.
I would add one more thing. The people who have been badly scarred by such events are probably not the best people to give advice on such subjects as they are more likely to disproportionately represent the danger.
Quite. The best people to give advice are those who dismiss the words and experiences of people who have a vested interest in ensuring that the danger is reduced. Why listen to the prey, when the predator is so very willing to share?

This is making me feel sick again and I wish it were over. Two minutes to go.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. I thought Mason had ht bottom a while ago, but obviously there are depths of ignorance I hadn't even dreamed of...

Emily Harte said...

You, sir, are a mensch, for going through and listening to this appalling, self-serving dreck. I find it hard to believe those who constantly poke at the so-called 'grey areas' defining rape are not, in fact, rapists themselves, trying desperately to get the world to agree that what they did wasn't "rape rape", as Whoopi Goldberg so revoltingly put it when talking of Roman Polanski.

James said...
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Jody said...

Please send this series to anyone that's thinking of having Thunderf00t speak at one of their events, along with a copy of the offending Youtube video.

The arrogance and lack of self-awareness is staggering.

Tiger Lily said...

Mike, thank you so much again for sticking it out with this garbage of a video and the garbage person who made it.

I also had to go over that particular nonsense about 10 times to make sure he had said "I" and not "they". I think that if it wasn't a sound glitch it was him trying to say "their abuse has poisoned them to wonderful, beautiful special snowflakes like ME. I'm an honest, honest guy."

Tiger Lily said...

Also, at 16:00 in, I think he said: "Whenever I hear such stories, it's clear that some, if not many of these traumatic instances could have been avoided if many of these young girls had been given a simple heads up about risk minimization, about predator avoidance and so on." It took me a long time to sort out his mumblings.

Giliell said...

If I only knew the exact metric by which I could make good decisions about trusting men...
I mean what's a sure tell-tale sign and, well, what's to stop predators from using that information to mask their behaviour.
And why on earth is my beauty apparently the most important thing about this?

James Mathurin said...

I've been following this, and all I can say is well done for wading through the crap of Thunderf00t's ramblings (or should I make an analogy with mountain lions?).

A Hermit said...

So to sum it all up Phil Mason is telling us that to prevent rape women just have to be teetotalling wasps with good posture...

Yeah...that makes perfect sense Phil...thanks s much... !o.O!

(Backing away from Phil slowly, not showing fear, as one would from a wild cougar...)

Humanistic Jones said...

"And to be honest, I feel for their deep, and long-term mental scars, and just how much more beautiful I could be had they not been so damaged."

Flat... fucking... what? Narcissistic barely even covers it here.

Fred Bremmer said...

A couple of minor typo corrections:

"some, if not may of these" ->many
"female military personne lusing" -> personnel using

Please delete my comment once you've seen it. Thanks for doing such a complete takedown of the video.

Anonymous said...

I have seldom seen it put more badly than TF puts it, but he is right about how suggestive demeanor and clothing increases a woman's risk IN SOME SPECIFIC SITUATIONS. A woman is going to draw attention from different men, depending on the signals she is giving out, and can increase or decrease her risk by certain demeanor and clothing IN THOSE SPECIFIC SITUATIONS.

Anyone who does not think we speak to each other thru our demeanor and clothing is going to have to explain the strength of those 30-second first impressions.

Sadie Heilemann said...

I'm always mystified by those who insist that rape victims must necessarily be irreversibly damaged by their experience. Some will be, yes, but others will take it as a world-shifting moment in which one awakens to the larger truths of the world. I would never have gotten so much out of martial arts classes had I not experienced a violent rape that I thought would end in my death. That changes the world in my view, but it also allowed me to learn what is important in life and what isn't. I think "changed" is a better term than "damaged," and I do think his video muddled and confused concepts that created a lot of misunderstanding and hostility.

The mountain lion thing is universally seen as bizarre by everyone I have heard address it. Different people bring different understandings to it. I personally identified with it, because my experience was a life-or-death, violent encounter with a dangerous predator. But, as many point out, my experience was not typical. I think it might help if the violent stranger rape type and the acquaintance rape type were not lumped together, because the strategies for dealing with them can be so very different.

Closet Puritan said...

I would add one more thing. The people who have been badly scarred by such events are probably not the best people to give advice on such subjects as they are more likely to disproportionately represent the danger.

See, this type of thing shows how "concerned" people like Thunderf00t are about rape. "Be concerned about rape, but not so concerned that it makes me uncomfortable!" They say that they want to make sure that girls and women can be given advice about avoiding rape, but they freak out when someone mentions the Schrodinger's Rapist concept.