Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Thunderf00t jumps the shark - Part 6

Welcome to the Thunderf00t Guide To How Not To Get Raped.

The following section will be presented with no snarky interruptions from your host blogger. Take it away, Phil Mason:
Well, for violent rape, if you spend some time reading accounts from serial rapists and murderers, they tend to choose their victims based on body language. This is rarely anything as facile as wearing a short skirt.
Here the cues tend to be not so much how you dress - although this is communicating things about you - it's "Do you have the body language of someone who would make a good victim?"
Now, I can give much advice on self defence, but I'm going to be very brief here. By far the best weapon you have to fight against a stronger, more powerful adversary is psychology.
Point in question, the simple wasp. The wasp is typically a factor of a millionth smaller than a man or a woman and yet they manage to effectively discourage people from attacking them.
Women are typically only ten percent smaller than their male counterparts, and for those who find this a little too cryptic, people know that a wasp will fight to defend itself. That's its self defence mechanism, and that fact alone will discourage most attackers.
Unless they're armed with a rolled-up magazine.

Seriously, what is going on here? We've gone from "It's about body language, not how you dress - except that how you dress is also a factor" to "wasps are smaller than women but people don't attack wasps". Phil?! What are you trying to say?
Put simply: predators look for the body language of prey.
What is the body language of a wasp?
The best self-defence mechanism, in such an environment, is not to telegraph the body language of the victim.
And now we're back "in such an environment" again. Does that mean we've been talking about the Middle East and Asia all this time? If it does, why the long detour into drunkenness, which in the Middle East at least is probably not such a big deal?

Honestly, Phil, did you write any of this down before you started or is it all improvised?

Wait, now he's cut in a video. There's no way to describe this, you 'll have to watch:


And read along, if you like:
And I know what many of you'll be saying "Oh that's easy for you to dob out such advice, you've never been in such a situation" - well actually, I have. All alone. In the very late evening, in a mountain pass, with noone around for miles. I faced a predator. A mountain lion, with a cub, that was stalking me. I played the game for real stakes.

Had I given off the body language of the victim - of the prey - there is a very real possibility that I wouldn't be here making this video.
As tempting as it is to go for the low-hanging fruit in that last sentence, I will resist. But I need to say this: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

This is all over the place: psychology, body language, wasps, anti-racist comedy sketch videos, and now mountain lions.

Didn't you used to get invited to speak at conferences?

I don't think I can do this any more...

Part 7


noelplum99 said...


I must admit I was pinching myself already on the wasp analogy.

When he then moved on to the mountain lion segment I had to steady myself on my chair. It actually reminded me of some kind of spoof 'personal growth' video of the kind you might have seen on a comedy such as The Fast Show. I really wonder just what percentage of even his most ardent fans got through that section without wincing at least a little at how overblown and left-field it all was.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to explain to thunderf00t, and all men really, that women have thought about preventing rape way more than any man ever has, so men can just kind of shut the fuck up about it forever. Thanks.

Ok, but seriously, you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that yourself. It's kind of a battlefield out there for women sometimes and we're well aware of it. I doubt thunderf00t would chide a seasoned soldier to remember to wear his body armor because it would be ignorant and patronizing of him, but somehow he feels that it's acceptable to achieve this level of smugness when talking about women and sexual assault.

In continuing with my analogy this time, all women and feminists are saying is, "Hey, tell men and boys to stop waging war on women instead of telling women to strap on their body armor every day, and remember that you can still be killed wearing body armor in battle so stop blaming our victimization on our own choices. The problem is still the war, not the level of precautions taken by the hapless women involved."

Sorry about the messy analogy, I'm done.

=8)-DX said...

Thanks Eseld, your analogy was appreciated.

I've taken part in some of the comment wars under the video, but I'm constantly reminded every time these issues come up that I, as a man, am dealing with most of this on a theoretical level and often forget things women take for granted and have lived their lives with.

Once more thx =)

DEEN said...

"By far the best weapon you have to fight against a stronger, more powerful adversary is psychology.

Point in question, the simple wasp."

Sounds like Thunderf00t was outwitted by a wasp at some point...

DEEN said...

@Eseld Bosustow:"I doubt thunderf00t would chide a seasoned soldier to remember to wear his body armor"
And if the soldier got shot the one time he wasn't wearing the body armor, I doubt Thunderf00t would think it would be wrong for his comrades to shoot back.

ScienceAvenger said...

Thanks Eseld. I laughed so hard at your opening sentence that I had coworkers wondering what I was laughing at. Pity I couldn't tell them.

I've told many guys that of all the things they think about before going on a first date, I'll bet preventing getting raped was never among them. Welcome to a woman's life.

HellboundAlleee said...

Here's my take on this overall. ThunderFaZerooFoot doesn't think rape is a Big Deal. He thinks we whine about it too much. He has not one ounce of compassion toward a woman who's been raped, because it's just like so many fistfights or wrestling matches or bar brawls between the bro's. Women should just "man up" about it and walk it off.

Roxie said...

Not to take away from the conversation (meaning I will) but the Reckless Tortuga is a really smart channel with lots of good stuff about race & gender. I would bet anyone $1
that they don't know about the snippet at your link.

Fred Bremmer said...

Could you add a link to Part 7 at the end so it's easier to keep reading the series? Thanks.

InVurt said...

I find it amazing that he keeps repeating the mountain lion analogy when it is so hugely flawed. It would only make sense if the wilderness described (presumably anywhere other than a woman's LOCKED house) was so full of mountain lions that the hypothetical woman would be in daily contact with them, but most of whom were not dangerous. Some of these mountain lions would be related to her, some would be friends of hers and it could be reasonably expected that she would have had intimate relationships with some. There would be no marks to distinguish the dangrous mountain lions that intend her harm from the majority who do not, just as rapists don't tend to look any different from anyone else. I'm sure things would ve considerably simpler if rapists were immediately recognisable and only hung out in some wilderness which you would only venture into out of curiosity.

Tanya C said...

I think the worst part (amongst a long trainwreck pointed out here) of the animal/rape analogy that Tf00t uses is that he is effectively comparing all men = all rapists as animals who are 1) protecting and defending their young, and 2) ensuring the health and survival of their young by stalking and hunting nourishment. He does not distinguish between, nor feels the need I suppose, the animalistic, basic and primal term 'prey' and the emotionally complicated and socially-charged term 'victim'. Tf00t uses these terms interchangeably when they cannot be, nor can they be equated without going into the social and historical contexts of mankind and the animal kingdom.

Let's not get caught up on the semantics, he might say. Alright, going back to the ill-made animal analogy. So, is Tf00t saying that the fact that mountain lions stalk prey out of necessity, out of survival - regardless of whether or not that prey has opposable thumbs - is like rapists raping? So, the need to eat and defend young is equated to the psychological and physical domination of forceful sexual power violently enacted on another of the same species? Because in the end, that is his supposition- nay, equation.

Even worse, we don't even know whether or not that mountain lion was female, though I'm assuming so because according to Wikipedia (yes, I know - might be highly inaccurate and misguided), the parenting in mountain lions lies solely with the female. In which case, the mothering instinct is what Tf00t was up against in his story. That means that Tf00t equates being raped (whether male or female) to being on the receiving end of an maternal animal acting on its primal instincts. In other words, rapists are (simply) animals who act on instinct for survival, not pleasure or domination. Whether they be men or women (who he's so kindly posited have brains and can think), Tf00t simply writes rapists off to be unteachable. No wonder his slogans work so well: 'Why not teach THEM (whoever the hell he's referring to now) not to steal/murder/burgle?' No wonder the rape crisis centre is wrong to him, simply because 'teaching' animals is impossible, teaching rapists not to rape is impossible and so again, the fault and blame of rape lies solely within the 'victim/prey' i.e. we can't teach rapists not to rape not only because it's all up to the victims to do the prevention, but also because rapists are *animals acting on instinct for survival*.

Tf00t's animal/rape analogy manages not only to be incoherent and inapplicable; it blurs and mistakenly equates animal instinct with rape, and neglects to consider the intricacies and complexities involved in rape: human intellect, psychology of sexuality, sexual desire, domination and power, gender roles and the society at large.

Queen Titan said...

Hey Eseld, it's JoyinTorah18. I loved your comment.

I too am tired of smug men sitting around for 7 hours on the Magic Shit Show discussing how women need to behave while simultaneously screeching that they will NOT teach their sons not to rape because, well, they already know not to rape!'

It's just too much irony to realize that these fathers are sitting in a google hangout pushing and enforcing rape culture that they will inevitably teach to their sons while simultaneously victim blaming and proclaiming there's no rape culture.

The fucked up entitlement of males continues.

Kristin Stadtmuller said...

Great post -I'd like to note that the "body language" Thunferf00t used in order to "dissuade the mountain lion" from what I assume must be raping him (or is only murder 'real stakes'?) was, upon hearing a noise in the bushes, to get into his truck and go to sleep. So ladies, if you're outside anywhere (and hopefully not drunk, how dare you) you should walk five feet and hide in your always-nearby large truck until morning comes and you're certain the rapist has taken his cub and moved on.