Sunday, 17 May 2015

An MRA reviews Mad Max: Fury Road

by Dan Cardamon

I'm sure my fellow manosphericals will have heard by now of the boycott of the new Mad Max film, proposed by "I'm-not-an-MRA-I-just-write-like-one" Aaron Clarey on the blog Return Of Kings. I enjoyed Aaron's piece on why Mad Max: Fury Road would probably be terrible, but as a man who likes to make up his own mind (MWLTMUHOM) I went to see it for myself so as to report back and tell you whether or not you should boycott it.

You should.

Like Aaron, I have only the vaguest memory of what the other three Mad Max films were like, but I know there were car chases in them and things exploded so I'm fairly sure they were manly films made for testosterone-huffing 
Alpha guys like Mike Cernovich and myself. The new movie has car chases and explosions too, which may tempt you into going to see it -- but be warned: it's a trap.

Spoilers follow, but since you won't be watching it that doesn't matter.

Fury Road starts promisingly enough. Set in a utopian future where civil society has collapsed and only the toughest survive, we very early on meet a character called Immortan Joe who is the Alpha-est of all Alpha Males. With his stern glare and dedicated cult of fanatical followers, he's what Paul Elam would be if A Voice For Men were a towering rock citadel in a scorched desert rather than a website in decline.

Immortan Joe keeps buxom females hooked up to milking machines and owns a harem of wives none of whom is less than a 9.27 on the Objective Attractiveness Scale. He has an army, he has lots of environmentally unfriendly vehicles, he controls the local water supply and he is worshiped as a god - in short, he's what every man should aspire to be, and what every man is prevented from being by the pussified gynocratic culture in which we live in.

And yet this movie makes him out to be the villain.

We don't even get to see him enjoying his wives, because his wives are stolen from him within the first 20 minutes. And here's where the film really jumps the shark - they're stolen from Joe by another female!

If Mad Max had decided to rescue Joe's wives, and then after two hours' chasing through the desert with Max saving the females from Joe's army Max had won and the females had given themselves to Max in gratitude, that would have been a great movie and above all *realistic*!

I am totally up for watching Alpha Males fight each other for the chance to win a female prize. That is what life is about and it's what movies used to be about, before the SJWs took over.

In Fury Road, the female prizes are *liberated* by another female who has somehow been taught to drive a truck. Not only that, later in the movie even more female characters are introduced - and these ones are *old*! They are old and unattractive and yet they get to speak and even fight and shoot guns. It's as if the rules of cinema don't matter any more. It's a travesty.

If you're an MRA or an MHRA or a MGTOW or a PUA or a 
MWLTMUHOM, you should on no account give Warner Brothers any of your money ever again, not even if they make movies with Jason Statham in them that you'd really like to see, because all the Jason Statham movies in the world can't make up for the feministic garbage that is Mad Max: Fury Road.

In fact, if you care at all about creating the kind of future so teasingly glimpsed in the opening minutes of Fury Road before it starts to suck, you should be supporting the new generation of Red Pill filmmakers who are emerging right now. Filmmakers like Davis Aurini and Nicholas Henderson - visionaries who understand what cinema could potentially be were it released from the ovary-soaked prison it's been shackled to by the vaginocentric Big Studio system.

On the plus side, there are no black people in Mad Max: Fury Road (one of the females is slightly darker than the others but not so much that you really notice). I am not a racist.

Dan Cardamon out.


Dan Cardamon is a fictional character and this piece is a parody.

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